A State Level Tech Fest

On 5th March, 2017.

RULES FOR: Pocket Tanks Live

Pocket Tanks Live

Battled up fury…

Rules and Regulations:

  •   The game field consists of 7m x 3m area.
  •   Each can have maximum 2 participants.
  •   The tank (launcher) should resemble a military tank and not simply a gun.
  •   Maximum dimensions of the tank (launcher) –500mm x 500mm base area, 500mm x 700mm total area, maximum height of tank (launcher) (total height) 550 mm.
  •   Use of Pneumatic or Mechanical energy is allowed. No electric power supply will be provided.
  •   The choice of weapons (projectiles) will be random according to chits withdrawn by the participants at the time of game play.
  •   The game consists of 10 volleys (rounds).
  •   The participants are allowed to move their tank (launcher) only 4 times once it is placed onto the field. No further movement is allowed during the game play.
  •   The participants are allowed to set throw angle of launcher once in each volley.
  •   The maximum dimensions and weight of the projectile will not exceed 35mm in diameter and 60 g in weight.

Event Co-ordinators:

  • 1) N.K. Davda (M.No. : 7878210204)
  • 2) R.C.Patadiya (M.No. 9537323933)
Pocket Tanks Live