Industrial Visit at Panchnath Auto Company LTD

Industrial visit was carried out at PANCHNATH AUTO PVT. Ltd. on 17th February, 2018 especially for Mechanical and Automobile student. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various activities related to manufacturing, assembly, marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company and give them feel of managers as soon as they start there course.

As soon as we reached company we were guided by Mr Kapil Patel to canteen for breakfast where an orientation of company was given by heads of production department about history and how company was established.

We took almost a two hour to see complete set of production which was followed by questions of students. I appreciate staff member who guided students with each and every question with detailed answers.

It is rightly said that “See & know’ is better than ‘read & learn’. Students have got real feel of company’s working after this visit. They got a chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implication. This will even help students to understand subject matter clearly in future also.

I along with student would like to extend our gratitude to company for permission and support they gave to make our visit a success with accomplishment of objective.