International Yoga Day-2017 Celebration

Under the visionary Leadership of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, 21st June has been declared as INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY. Yoga has not been limited and restricted to any community, religion, area, nation, society or any individual economy, but today the entire world has accepted and started practicing yoga. The whole credit for this completely vested to our culture roots. It has been decided and declared to celebrate at National State, District, Taluka, Villages as well as individual, Institutions, Universities and NGOs too.

Brief Details about Yoga Training by Institute from 15th to 21th June-2017 in 100 words:

Christ polytechnic institute had arranged the training of yoga between 15th to 21th june-2017.

We arranged training of an hour daily. We trained the students for different yogasana like standing postures, sitting postures, prone laying postures, supine laying posture and different pranayama as per attached in circular.

Yoga Training Sessions Photo Gallery

Brief Details about International Yoga Day Celebration at Your Institute on 21st June-2016 in 100 words:

Our institute celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st june-2016 along with NSS Unit of Christ Polytechnic Institute. We had started the program with the introduction of yoga and need of yoga in our daily life.

We started the program at 9 o’clock morning. After the completion of introduction we started yoga with beautiful prayer.

After the prayer we started with standing postures followed by sitting postures, prone laying postures, supine laying postures.

After all yogasana we start the different pranayama like sun salutation, ardha chkrasana, veer bhdrasana, utkatasana, anulom vilom, kapalbhanti.

At the end we had done meditation for 8 minute with the word Aum.

We ended the program with an Oath of shanti path.