A State Level TechFest

On 9th April, 2022.

RULES FOR: CreatIND (Hardware Project & Startup)

All candidates interested in taking part in this event should fill the registration form and consider following rules.

For Hardware Project:

  • 1) It should be an electrical/ electronic or mechanical based project.
  • 2) The project model should be in working condition.
  • 3) There are maximum 4 members allowed in a group.
  • 4) It is necessary to submit the abstract along with registration form.
  • 5) At the time of presentation, one hard copy of project report (Minimum 20 pages in spiral binding) will be required.

For Startup:

  • 1) Participant has to give presentation (with prototype if possible).
  • 2) Group Capacity : 1- 4 member
  • 3) Participant has to present their idea/plan with all dimensions.
  • 4) It is necessary to submit brief report/abstract at time with registration form.
  • 5) At the time of event, participant has to submit their presentation/brief report to event coordinator.

Important Note:-

  1. 1) The candidates must bring their own DC power supply or DC battery if required. The organizer will not provide such type of facilities.
  2. 2) Decisions regarding winner made by judges will be final.
  3. 3) Participant can participate in any one event either Hardware Project or Startup.
  4. 4) The decision of result will be taken by the judge committee is full & final, not interchangeable at any cost

Event Coordinators:-

  • 1) Mr. Darshangiri Goswami (Mo:- 91 9723356973)
  • 2) Mr. Prakash Raninga (Mo:- +91 8238708862)