A State Level TechFest

On 9th April, 2022.

RULES FOR: Poster Expo (Poster Presentation)

All candidates interested in taking part in this event should fill the registration form and consider following rules

  • 1) The Official Language for the poster is English.Topic must be technical innovative idea or innovation in technical Research Education and Extension
  • 2) Poster size must be in A2 size (16.53 x 23.39 inches) and also prefer white poster if possible.
  • 3) Poster may be handmade or printed with thermocol sheet base.
  • 4) Poster should include students name, enrolment number, department name, institute name.
  • 5) Poster should have highlighted title.
  • 6) Background, Objective, Methodology/Operation/Process, Results, Conclusion, References/Citation. This sequence of content can be changed to team to team and to their preferences.
  • 7) Poster should be self-explanatory and students should be able to explain the queries made by the evaluation committee.The Maximum time allowed for the presentation is 10 minutes.
  • 8) Use proper citation/referencing for content or images.
  • 9) Best poster is selected based on the innovation in the topic, explanation skill, Decoration, presentation skill of participant.
  • 10) No objections from participants regarding results will be entertained by poster presentation event co-ordinators after declaring the winners.
  • 11) If participant violates any above mention rules will be disqualified from the event.
  • 12) Any query regarding the poster presentation event, kindly contact the co-ordinators.
  • 13) The jury's decision regarding the winner and the prizes would be final and binding to all the participants.

Important Note:-

  1. 1) Poster must be stick over some solid material like thermocol or plastic frame.

Event Coordinators:-

  • 1) Mrs. Hiral Trivedi (Mo:-8849410427)
  • 2) Mr. sanjay gangani (Mo:-9824889942)