A National Level Tech Fest

On 11th March, 2018.

RULES FOR: Poster Expo (Poster Presentation)

All candidates interested in taking part in this event should fill the registration form and consider following rules

  • 1) Topic must be technical innovative idea or innovation in technical Research Education and Extension
  • 2) The dimensions of your poster should not exceed A2 size paper (approx 25×18 in) in length.
  • 3) The heading should have letters at least 35mm high listing the title of the poster, for author’s name, institution and its location have letters at least 30mm high. If necessary, please shorten the heading.
  • 4) Lettering for text and illustrations should be at least 15mm high so anyone can read it from 1m distance.
  • 5) Poster has contained 70% graphic (pictorial illustration) content and 30% text content to describe the topic.
  • 6) All illustrations (graphs, pictures, figures, tables) should be large enough for easy observation. Matte finish on graphs or pictures gives better visibility.
  • 7) The Maximum time allowed for the presentation is 10 minutes.
  • 8) Jury and Audience may ask the questions following the oral/poster presentations.

Important Note:-

  • 1) The jury's decision regarding the winner and the prizes would be final and binding to all the participants.
  • 2) Poster must be stick over some solid material like thermocol or plastic frame.

Event Coordinators :-